WACO Products, Inc. is a primary source of ladders, gangways, battens, grating, and treads. In fact, over 1,000 WACO accommodation ladders have been installed on naval and commercial vessels worldwide. WACO Products is a leading supplier of other ship accessories as well.

WACO Products replacement parts and rebuilds are also available. WACO original parts provide security and convenience when repairing gangways, accommodation ladders and other equipment. Built to the quality standards of the original manufacturer, WACO treads, stanchions, platforms, and entire replacement ladders can reduce your ship's downtime and repair expense.

WACO can survey your equipment in our shop or at the ship as the first step in a complete WACO refurbishment. Damaged handrails, treads, stringers, hardware, and platforms will be repaired or replaced as necessary. Let us put your ladders and gangways back in first class shape!

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